D&M TRUSS COMPANY, INC. Component Manufacturer for over 60 years
             D&M TRUSS COMPANY, INC.  Component Manufacturer for over 60 years

Job Opportunities with our Company

We are a company that takes pride in what we do, and we strive to deliver a product that exceeds our customers’ expectations.  Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.  We are looking for people that share our sentiments and are motivated to meet our Company's Goals.  Are you that individual?


Here is what we are looking for:


Skilled Carpentry: Are you proficient with a Hammer?  With a Tape Measure?  Nails?  A Saw?  If so, then we are looking for someone with your skillset. 


Novice Carpentry: Consider yourself a beginner with using a Hammer, Tape Measure and other Carpenter tools?  Want to learn the industry, and consider yourself a motivated employee?  Take Pride in your work?  Then we are interested in you as well. 


You can stop by our office and fill out an application or fill one out on our website.


Fill out our application by clicking the link below...